• Alex

Seven Water Safety

1. Don't be too hungry or too full when entering the water.

2. Test the water temperature before entering the water, if the water is too cold, do not enter the water;

3. If you swim in rivers, rivers, lakes or seas, you must be accompanied by a companion, not alone;

4. Observe the environment of the swimming place before entering the water. If there is a danger warning, you cannot swim here;

5. Do not swim in a canyon where the geographical environment is unclear. The water in these places varies in depth and is cold, and there may be obstacles in the water, which is very unsafe;

6. Before diving, make sure that the water depth here is at least 3 meters, and there are no weeds, rocks or other obstacles underwater. thing.

It is safer to enter the water with feet first;

7. When swimming in the sea, swim along the parallel direction of the coastline. Those with poor swimming skills or insufficient physical strength should not wade into the deep water. Make a mark on the coast, watch if you are washed too far, and adjust your direction in time to ensure safety.

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