Is it safe to use the baby swimming collar around the neck?

The safe arrival of the baby is what parents hope. When the baby is born, the mother will also learn all kinds of parenting knowledge. At the same time, there are now mothers who like to take their babies to swim, and there are many baby swimming pools. It is very common for babies to swim with a neck ring in Singapore, but the safety of the neck ring has always been controversial. Many mothers are worried that the neck ring will hurt the baby. Has the baby swimming neck ring been banned?

There is no relevant law in Singapore that prohibits the use of swimming collars, but in the United States, swimming collars are prohibited, and there are strict requirements for infant swimming-related practitioners, especially swimming teachers. teaching. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics did not recommend that babies under one year old learn to swim a long time ago, and believed that babies should not be suitable for swimming until about 4 years old.

In fact, it is very unsafe for babies to wrap their necks with swimming rings. Young babies have very soft necks. Swimming with a neck ring can easily hurt the baby's cervical vertebrae. Most of the materials used for baby's neck rings are plastic. Allergic to collars made of plastic. In addition, the trachea may be compressed on the neck of the baby's swimming snare, which is a serious risk of suffocation and may cause the child to lose his life.

In short, although the use of baby swimming collars is not explicitly prohibited in Singapore, there are indeed hidden dangers in swimming collars. Therefore, it is best not to use collars for parent-child swimming.

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