How long the kids should swim

Swimming is a very good physical exercise, so is it also good for children? The result is yes, swimming can not only make children's physique better, but also make children's bone development better, but although swimming has so many benefits, it does not mean that the longer the swimming time, the better. , So how long is it suitable for children to swim? Here we take a look!

1. During the process of swimming, children's limbs are moving, which can not only improve the flexibility of the body, but also have great benefits for the development of the brain, not only the brain's reaction speed to the outside world, but also make children more courageous, Stronger and more secure.

2. Improve lung capacity, because we mainly rely on lungs to breathe, and the strength of lung function is determined by the strength of respiratory muscle function. Swimming can develop respiratory muscles, increase lung capacity, and open more alveoli when inhaling, thereby making breathing easier.

3. Strengthen the blood circulation of the skin. In the process of swimming, due to the stimulation of the water temperature, the body functions to maintain the balance of the temperature, so the blood vessels of the skin continue to shrink, thus strengthening the blood circulation of the skin. Not only that, but also makes the skin soft and shiny.

4. The swimming time with children should not be too long, and the number of times should not be too much. The best time for the baby to swim is gradual, the first 10 minutes is enough, and the time is gradually extended, preferably no more than half an hour. Babies should also be careful not to swim too frequently, 1-2 times a week is enough.

5. Children must keep warm after swimming. After swimming, wrap the child in a bath towel, dry the child's body, apply some baby skin care products, and give the child a full body massage. Drink water or breastfeed after a short break to ease your baby's fatigue.

It should be noted that although swimming can improve the baby's immunity, increase its lung capacity, help the baby's digestion and promote sleep, etc., for parents, they must go to the baby to swim when the baby's body is relatively healthy in all aspects. There must be an adult to watch over it to prevent accidents.

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